About Ken Gibat


I have devoted my career to providing support to people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health issues.  After spending twenty years working for other organizations, my wife and I were able to start-up our own non-profit agency, Person Directed Supports, with the goal of supporting people in a positive, self-directed way that builds on their strengths and not their disabilities.

Person Directed Supports focuses on the principles of:

•             Self-Determination

•             Positive Approaches

•             Person Centered Thinking and Planning

•             Community

We grew from offering consulting services to providing support and services to clients and now include a wide variety of services including: lifesharing,  supported living, community home living, job coaching, community inclusion, person centered planning, day support services, enhanced day services, nursing and behavioral health services.

Our growth continues through word of mouth, referrals, and client requests with no advertising. Today, we provide support and services to seven counties in Pennsylvania and have 250+ support personnel.

My family means everything to me and we work together at Person Directed Supports to help those who have chosen us to develop their path throughout life. Given that someone has trusted his/her hopes and dreams as well as health and safety to us, how can we not give everything we have to support that person?

I find it very rewarding to give back to others and to the community in which I live. I have volunteered at the Red Cross for many years and serve on the Advisory Board of the LCCC.

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